Brief Introduction of "White Horse Ridge" Tea

The annual average temperature of 22 degrees, the average annual rainfall of about 2500mm, the annual fog period of 260 days, a mild climate, the annual average temperature of 2200 meters,Abundant light, abundant rainfall, fertile land, enjoy the "natural oxygen bar" reputation.It is worth mentioning that here the selenium-rich soil, the growth of tea-rich soil rich in tea polyphenols and fructooligosaccharides.Originally known as the "hometown of Hainan tea."
Inheritance of nearly 100 years of traditional tea cultivation technology

Introduction of "Baisha Green Tea"

Baisha green tea produced in Baisha basin, basin pleasant climate, abundant rainfall, fertile land, the annual fog around the morning mist, tea is the best environment for the growth of cloud tea.According to the locals, the real white sand green tea must be from the white sand crater and its surrounding can be called white sand green tea.Baisha green tea soup color yellow and green bright, lasting fragrance scent, taste strong glycol.With thirst quencher to reduce heat, improve human immunity a...
China 's southernmost 18 degrees north latitude and longitude rain fog tea

Brief Introduction of "Jinding Spring Tea"

Hainan Jinding tea contains the world's scientists clinical validation of human physical and mental health is extremely useful soft gold - theaflavin, tea polyphenols content of 18.9%, 46.2% of the amount of water immersion, it has anti-teeth, inhibition of hypertensionAnti-oxidation, Yang Wei, Hu Wei, the prevention of coronary heart disease, anti-radiation and the role of ultraviolet light, Changyin Yizhi fitness, calm mood.

Brief Introduction of "South China Sea Tea"

The South China Sea black tea produced in China's Dingnan County, Hainan Province, "China's five major Chachang" one of the South China Sea farm, 80 years has received national leaders and ambassadors to visit the factory, the products are exported to the United States, France, Britain, Canada 18 Countries and regions. The tea garden mainly distributes in the volcanic ash and the volcanic rock rich selenium area, the year the climate is pleasant, the rainfall is abundant, along with the ...